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On the Record






Learn how progressives do ourselves a disservice with mealy mouthed messaging like “invest in kids”! Fair warning, some of the words here are four letter. Or, catch the promoted Upworthy version.

Here’s Anat delivering a keynote on the winning words on people seeking asylum based on research from Australia.

You can watch Anat discussing how the “middle class” became a brand without a product with Cenk Uygur, or read her demonstrating how in the inequality debate, “gap between rich and poor” is more clothing brand than call to arms. Witness her on NBC’s Press Here calling economic pundits on their tendency to turn the Economy into a vengeful and angry deity.

Up-end all that you’ve learned about “meeting people where they are” in 5 minutes! Netroots Nation 2013 Closing Plenary

Or read from a sampling of her work on key messaging topics:

Dems Worry Too Much About Upsetting OthersThe Hill

Hyde Is What Happens When Left Fakes Right

How Republicans Lost and Democrats Can Retake Family Values

Dear Democrats: Please All and You’ll Please None, co-authored with Celinda Lake, The Huffington Post

Thank You for Talking About InequalitySalon

And Then Inequality HappenedBoston Globe

Why All Americans Believe They Are Middle Class, The Atlantic Monthly

Stop Saying “Undocumented Workers”, Salon

Stop Talking About Taxes!, Alternet

Do You Think The Poor Are Lazy? Christian Science Monitor

Sex Selection and Why It Persists in America, The Atlantic Monthly

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