Findings from the Field

Findings from the Field

For a sampling of Anat Shenker-Osorio’s research, see below. And for the complete shopping list in fun, easy-to-read language of what words and phrases to buy, be sure to pick up a copy of Don’t Buy It: The Trouble with Talking Nonsense About the Economy

Working with the Bay Area Early Childhood Funders, we put together a report and handout on message hits and misses for the issues of early education, childcare and paid time to care for kids.

The centerpiece of my just completed six month stint in Australia, here are the dial tested findings on people seeking asylum done in collaboration with Centre for Australian Progress and the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre. And some clear, concise coverage of how to change this critical conversation.

Progressive publishing powerhouse Grist covered new research I helped complete on how to move people on climate. Spoiler alert: “Climate change” changes very few minds.

A slew of progressive champions, with the Center for Community Change at the helm, have taken up the cause of creating millions of new jobs while improving the wages and benefits for people who work at existing ones. Read about this campaign that’s Putting Families First and the winning words up to the task of making it happen.

Everything you need to know about talking effectively about immigrants and immigration, from a project with America’s Voice, media strategist Ryan Clayton and Lake Research Partners.

Get in touch to receive newly completed findings on how to talk about Americans we’ve forcibly separated from their families and barriers to employment once their prison sentences are served.

Here’s, a research brief from a collaborative project with Lake Research Partners and Center for Community Change on how to actually broach and get traction on doing something about poverty.

Looking for other one-pagers? Check out below and then be sure to sign up for the ASOCommunication’s email listserv.

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