Don’t Buy It

Don’t Buy It

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Don’t Buy Their Econo-nonsense

Innovative, witty and snark-tastic are routinely bandied about to describe Anat Shenker-Osorio whose book, “Don’t Buy It: The Trouble with Talking Nonsense About the Economy” has opened even the most poll-encrusted eyes to how language shapes our acceptance of economic prescriptions, even when they run contrary to our own self-interest.

Anat’s commentary is thoroughly researched, yet highly accessible. It’s no wonder “Don’t Buy It” is on the recommended reading lists of movers and shakers the likes of CNN’s Paul Begala and New York Times bestselling author, Van Jones, among others. (testimonials)

Do Buy the Book!

“Don’t Buy It: The Trouble with Talking Nonsense About the Economy” is on sale in hardback or e-versions from the publisher (bulk discount available), signed copies from Powell’s, on Amazon or at your local bookseller!

The Village Voice calls “Don’t Buy It,” “invaluable advice…[linguistic analysis] smartly applied to the failure of progressive writers and policy-makers to make a broad, compelling case against Tea Party deficit hawks.” Daily Kos hails it as “a great handbook.

And Al-Jazeera English declares “you cannot do better than to read ‘Don’t Buy It’!”

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